A Stroll Through Jelly Bean Row

I offer a window into a world where architecture and human connection coalesce into a colourful tapestry of life. I welcome you to walk with me, to see beyond the facade, and to explore the bonds that tie us all together.

Walking parallel to these row houses, I captured a sequence of images that subtly unfold the multi-layered relationships between the homes and the people who inhabit them. Each photograph reveals a different perspective, a unique glimpse into a world where architecture meets humanity.

“Attachment” is more than an aesthetic appreciation of these structures; it’s an investigation into the complex dynamics of community living. By focusing on the juxtaposition of colours, lines, and architectural details, I strive to communicate the intricate bonds that link these houses, creating an unbroken chain of unity and distinction.

Jelly Bean House Newfoundland

The process of imposing the attachment of these homes in the final render adds a tangible layer of connection, turning individual snapshots into a cohesive narrative. It emphasizes the idea of interdependence, showing how each home, though distinct, is part of a larger whole.

The Jelly Bean Row Houses become a metaphor for human relationships and societal bonds. The bright and varied colours celebrate individuality, while the shared design and proximity reflect common values and shared experiences. This duality between uniqueness and unity resonates with the human condition, where we seek to express ourselves while remaining connected to others.