“What we see changes what we know. What we know changes what we see.”

Jean Piaget

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Fall Colours Hero

Dialogue Series

Through a dynamic interplay of influences drawn from literature, current events, cinematic narratives, visual arts, and personal introspection, this series transcends conventional boundaries. It serves as a conduit for expressing novel viewpoints and inciting inquiry. Each composition serves as a visual dialogue, challenging viewers to explore alternative perspectives and contemplate thought-provoking questions.

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Fairgrounds Cne Toronto

Statement Series

Rooted in a visceral response to the world “as seen,” this series harnesses the distinctive techniques inherent to photography to re-imagine reality. By manipulating light, perspective, and composition, each photograph offers a fresh interpretation of the familiar, compelling viewers to engage with the subject matter in a new light. Through this series, I endeavour to spark contemplation and evoke emotional resonance, forging a profound connection between the audience and the captured moment.

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Dance On Ice Hero

Private Commissions

A private commission is the ultimate way to infuse your living or working space with art that resonates with your soul. When you choose to collaborate with me, you embark on a journey to create a piece that is not only aesthetically stunning but also deeply personal. If you’re in search of a truly special piece that possesses these unique attributes, I am delighted to be your artistic collaborator in bringing your vision to life.

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